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Praise For Scandal And Silence

Scandal and Silence Book Cover“This is the definitive work on political scandal in the modern American press. The reader will find engaging and richly detailed accounts of dozens of scandals, along with explanations of why in some cases they became so overblown, and, in others, did not develop at all despite available evidence. The book raises important questions about how journalists tell stories, and why those stories so often fail to embody the ideals we associate with a free press in a democracy.”
Lance Bennett, University of Washington

“Robert Entman has long been one of the most insightful analysts of the news media. Scandal and Silence will add to his reputation. Anyone who thought they had a reasonable understanding of how the media handle scandal will have to think again. A brilliant book that is a must read for those in the classroom, the newsroom, and the political cloakroom.”
Thomas E. Patterson, Harvard University

A terrific analysis—and an important rethinking—of why some transgressions become political scandals while other, often much more serious corruptions, do not.  Entman’s lively book remaps how to think about political scandals, debunks myths about the media’s desire, and power, to generate and sustain them, and instead shows how powerful, interlocking interests among political and economic elites, the media, and public opinion often lead to an inverse relationship between the outrage a scandal garners and its actual consequences for American society.  Want to learn why Anthony Weiner’s inappropriate text messages became a huge scandal but the massive malfeasance that led to the 2008 financial meltdown did not?  Read this book.  Smart, provocative and couldn’t be more timely.

Susan J. Douglas, The University of Michigan and author, The Rise of Enlightened Sexism

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