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Countering Trump’s War on the Press 

Robert M. Entman April 18, 2020 Ironically, by giving Trump a daily stage for his propaganda briefings/press conferences, news organizations lend credence to his claim that citizens can’t trust the … Continue reading

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The Troubling Power of the US Military over Foreign Policymaking

BY ROBERT M. ENTMAN ⋅ MARCH 16, 2012 In reading about the difficulties confronting American policymakers in Afghanistan, one point struck me as especially troubling. The New York Times reported: “Any accelerated withdrawal would face … Continue reading

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Scandal and Silence: Media Responses to Presidential Misconduct

Scandal and Silence challenges the conventional wisdom on media and scandal in the United States. The common view holds that media crave and actively pursue scandals whenever they sense corruption. … Continue reading

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Baby You Can Drive My Car. Please.

I just spent 6 weeks in Madrid and had time to ponder why so many European cities seem so much more charming and livable than just about any American city. … Continue reading

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